About Us

Have fun with your art
Art by Square was founded by Chuck Downs from the simple idea that being creative is fun. Being involved in making art is fun, but being able to rearrange your art over and over again is even better.

Our mission

We want anyone to have fun making their own unique art – we want to inspire creativity. We’re here to supply the elements to enable anyone to design art that will fit into their living spaces both physically and aesthetically.

Getting started

Many of us would like to make our own art, but really don’t know how to start. We can help! We’ll supply the art squares, you supply the creativity. When you’re ready for something new just rearrange your art squares to create a new work of art. It’s easy and fun!

Our responsibility

Just as we hope to encourage our customers to be creative and have fun, we also aspire to do business in the most environmentally and socially-responsible way possible. We do business this way for two reasons: (1) as an extension of our values and way of living, and (2) we want our customers to purchase our products knowing that the environmental and social impacts have been carefully considered before being offered by our company. Please see our Green Commitment.

Chuck Downs – Owner Of Art by Square

Chuck Downs, owner - Art by Square

Thanks for checking out Art by Square, about us. I hope you have as much fun rearranging you art as I did creating Art by Square. I have spent most of my life creating designs either as a graphic designer or an artist, so it comes fairly easy to me, but I realize that making art is challenging for many people. My hope is that Art by Square will allow anyone to be an artist and have fun making their own art. We are here to help you get started, so don’t hesitate to contact us.